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kang seulgi's dance cover of (dreamcatcher's) lucky strike

this dance cover of seulgi from red velvet (with jaewon and sohee) was already a 10/10 but i added dreamcatcher's cover (!!!!!!!!) of lucky strike as bg music and it became a 15/10. pls take some time to check out dreamcatcher's cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM7ro_nBCHI
dreamcatcher's cover was a bit slower than the original one so if some parts don't fit just ignore it lmao...i know they originally covered maroon 5's version this is just for fun......everyone who feels the need to comment that "they actually covered maroon 5 lol this isn't dreamcatcher's song!!1!!1111!!!" will get deleted. just enjoy those 40seconds and shut up jfc